One Proud Moment


I have many proud moments scattered through my life, some that I achieved through my own actions and others that were in spite of the odds stacked against me. So rather than write another pseudo-psychoanalytical post, I thought I would walk through a few of them and remind myself of them before I zero in on one of them.

One moment that is more a series of moments than a singular one is that I played nearly 20 years of competitive volleyball, followed by another 10 years of state level Ultimate. Playing these sports isn’t an achievement as such, but it becomes more so when you understand that I was also boIMG_7329rn with the congenital deformity called talipes equinovarus, better known as clubfoot.

My case of clubfoot was moderate, meaning I could walk and run but would have got to a point, if untreated, that I would be…

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